Judge David Crain has presided over Travis County’s 331st District Court since 2011. Judge Crain pioneered Travis County’s misdemeanor mental-health docket and helped establish the county’s DWI court.

Judge Crain has been practicing law for over 35 years, and brings a unique and experienced perspective to the district bench. Judge Crain first became a judge in 1985 when he was appointed as Justice of the Peace, Pct. 5. He would hear cases involving tenant issues and small claims suits. In 1992, Judge Crain was elected Judge of County Court at Law #3. He presided over this bench close to 19 years. As Judge of County Court at Law #3, he presided over more than 320 jury trials. In addition, Judge Crain founded Travis County’s misdemeanor mental health docket court and helped establish Travis County’s DWI court so that individuals suffering from mental illness and substance use could be diverted into treatment programs. These programs were the first of their kind and Travis County continues to lead the state in innovative diversion programs due to Judge Crain’s leadership. In 2010, Judge Crain decided to run as Judge of the 331st District Court. Judge Crain’s experience as a former Justice of the Peace and County Court Judge made him the most experienced candidate in the race in 2010. Since 2011, Judge David Crain has presided over the 331st District Court. Judge David Crain remains committed to ensure every individual has access to justice and public safety.

When he’s not on the bench, Judge David Crain is spending time with his four daughters, 1 son, and his wife Chavela.